Fun and Fabulous Philanthropy Events

Every sorority has a philanthropy that they hold close to their hearts and make huge efforts to fund raise for. Fundraisers can be held every semester or annually, either way they are an amazing tradition for sorority chapter members to get involved in. Hosting a new fundraiser is a great idea to help keep your own members interested, along with attracting other Greeks on campus. Getting the entire campus involved will increase participation and motivate everyone to get connected to your specific philanthropy!

Our 2015 Lion King

Our 2014-2015 Lion King

As a member of the Phi Theta chapter of Phi Mu at Towson University, I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of philanthropic events. Every fall, my chapter holds an event called Phi Mu’s Lion King. Before the event, we encourage men from all the different fraternities on campus to compete in our lion King competition. During the event, the men compete against one another for the title of Phi Mu’s Lion King. There are three different parts of the competition: Fraternity wear, talent, and question/answer section. The event is always a blast. Boys from all different fraternities come to the event to cheer on their brothers.

In the spring we have an event called Frats @ Bat. All the fraternities on campus are entered into a baseball tournament. The different fraternities play against each other until one team is crowned the winner. Many other sororities on campus come out to the event to watch the men play against one another. To enter both our Lion King competition and baseball tournament, the fraternities need to pay a registration fee. All the money raised from both events goes towards our philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Being a part of the Greek community at Towson, I have been able to attend other sorority philanthropic events on campus. Freshman year, I participated in a wing eating contest to help raise money for Alpha Phi’s Philanthropy. I have also been to several of the sororities sweetheart searches including Alpha Omicron Pi’s Pi Guy, Kappa Delta’s Lucky Charm, and Phi Sigma Sigma’s Pharaoh.

There are numerous types of fundraisers that your sorority can pick and choose from. When deciding what type of fundraiser to organize, think about what your sisters, alumnae, and other campus Greeks will be interested in and enjoy attending.

Here is a list of events your sorority can organize to raise money for your philanthropy. Remember, it’s always important to think of a clever and fun name for your event.

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• Pie in the Face: Pie a Pi Phi
• Fraternity Bachelor Auction: Phi Mu’s Blind Date
• Shopping Night at a Favorite Dress Boutique
• Carnival/Festival for Kids: Kappa Deltas Karnival
• Sweetheart Search Contest: Phi Mu’s Lion king, Kappa Delta’s Lucky Charm
• Dance Marathon
• Rocking-Chair-A-Thon
• Air Band Competition
• Lipsync Competition: Karaoke with Phi Sigma Sigma
• Trivia Contest: Are you smarter than a Chi Omega?
• Kissing Booth: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Kiss Away Cancer Event
• Battle of the Bands: Phi Mu’s Bonnamu
• Pumpkin Carving Contest
• Penny Wars
• Pancake Breakfast: Delta Zeta’s Pajamas and Pancakes
• Lemonade Stand: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Think Pink Lemonade Stand
• Taco Bar: Phi Mu Phiesta
• Spaghetti Dinner
• Tailgate BBQ
• Crawfish Boil
• Pizza Party
• Bake Sale
• Build Your Own Sundae: Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Sundae Funday event
• Smoothie Stand
• Watermelon Eating Contest
• Yogurt Eating Contest
• Chocoholics Festival
• Chili Cook Off
• Formal Dinner: Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala
• Snow Cone Booth
• Cupcake Sale
• Eat for a Cause
• Coffee and Hot chocolate sale: Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Kappachino
• Dodgeball Tournament
• Baseball Tournament: Chi Omega’s Frats @ Bat, Zeta Tau Alpha’s Batting Out Breast Cancer
• Golf Tournament
• Tug of War Tournament: Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug
• Basketball Tournament
• Flag Football Game
• Powder Puff Football Game
• Swimming Pool Competitions: Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash
• Soccer Tournament
• Cheer leading Competition
• Relay Races
• Walks and Runs: Alpha Delta Pi’s Diamond Dash
• Manicure Table
• Candy-gram/Flower-gram/Balloon-gram Deliveries on Campus
• Flower Sales for Valentine’s Day
• Gift Basket Auction
• Guess How Many ___ in the Jar – M&Ms, jelly beans, peanuts.
• Tee Shirt Sales




Enjoy (Fun)draising!

Hannah Ticho|Vice President of Chapter Development
Phi Mu, Phi Theta at Towson University
Intern|Greek Streak

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