Fun Ways to Say Goodbye to Graduating Sisters

It’s always bittersweet when sisters graduate, but it doesn’t have to be sad. You can make their last day with their favorite girls the best day ever by giving them a sentimental gift or two! Here are some ideas:fac31b8ab428beb83a196beeeff9bb53

Sorority Letters—Get some wooden sorority letters, paint them with your sorority colors and then have every member sign them with a sharpie. These are fun to make, easy to buy and they’ll be easy for the graduate to pack and keep with her.  Depending on how many sisters are graduating, you can have a party and make these for every graduating sister. They’re inexpensive and it’s a perfect way to make sure that the graduates will always remember everyone.

Photo Collage—There are so many ways to do a photo collage. You can go buy a big frame, and put the photos together in that, or you can get super creative and deco mesh a bunch of photos onto a big letter, like the first letter in her name. Either way, you can put together so many priceless 212639202sorority memories.

Shirts!—Everyone loves a good sorority shirt. You could get together as a sorority and get all the graduating sisters a sorority shirt. That way they can leave with a shirt that’s all their own, and every time they wear it they’ll remember how much you care. Check out our Press Collection for fun designs like this one! Your graduating sisters will love them =)

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