Get Closer With Your Sorority Family!

Before fall recruitment starts, think about getting together with your sorority family! There is no bond greater than a big and little and soon you will be adding an addition to your family! You want to make sure your future little, grand-little, or great grand-little, is joining a close knit family!

Here are a few ways to strengthen the bond within your family! 36c2ec2cee48cc5c007ff93efb6251a6

1. Weekly/Monthly dinners– get together with your family at least once a month and more if possible! Once school gets started it is hard to see your sisters often so make sure to dedicate time to catch up with your family.

2. Craft for the new family member together– have a crafting session before big/little reveal to help your little or grand-little create the perfect crafts for your new family addition! Have a special craft from each member of the family to give her individually also so she feels welcomed from everyone!

3. Go shopping– go shopping with your family for the next date party or themed social together! It is a great time to get advice from the oldest member about what not to wear! (she’s seen it all!) And is an awesome way to show the new member what’s appropriate!

This about getting family t-shirts! We have big/little single order shirts here! There is no minimum order so you can get just enough for your family without spending too much!

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