Get the Most out of Formal!


Every sorority looks forward to their Formal every year, and it’s really important (especially for seniors) to have an awesome time. Here are some tips to make your Formal a guaranteed awesome, worry free experience.

Bring a coat or a sweatshirt! You never know when it might get cold or chilly. Maybe grab a shawl that matches your dress, that way you won’t have to worry about shivering!

Grab some extra flats, so that when your feet get tired of wearing heels, you have something to change into. Dr. Scholl’s makes some cute foldable flats that can fit in your purse or clutch. Those are a must have!

Bring some extra cash! Even if you don’t use it, it’s good to have cash for a cab or some late night food runs after Formal.

If you can, try packing a change of clothes. That way, if you go to dinner after formal and you don’t want to stay in your dress, you have something to change into. Check out our Formal shirt designs! You can pick your favorite and then wear it before or after Formal!

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