Get Ready For School!

Packing up your car to head back to school can be one of the most annoying and exhausting things you will do this summer. You are either the type of person who plans accordingly and is already packed- even though you don’t go back for a month. Or you are the type of person who waits until the day before to throw everything into your car and hope you didn’t leave anything behind. Here are a few easy tricks that I’ve picked up that make going back to school a breeze!

packing-car-6-679x400 1. Car Bar– One of the best inventions! It’s a rod that goes across the back of your car to hang your clothes. This makes the unpacking process SO easy. You keep all of your clothes on their hangers and then when you get to your apartment, you just have to simply take them off the rod and put them in your closet!

2. Fold your clothes– actually fold the clothes you put in your drawers at school when packing. This will cut down a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. You won’t have to worry about organizing your drawers and you will be able to fit more clothes into your suitcases!

3. Pack Early– About a week before you have to go back to school start and think about what you can start to pack. You more than likely brought items home that you have not touched. Make piles of the things you don’t need the week before you leave and pack little by little each day!

Whether you head back to school next week or in a month start to think about how you’re going to organize your car. ALSO! Do not forget about our 30% off of group orders with promo code USA30. This ends on 7/31/14 so you still have a few days left to order!

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