Get That “A”

College students have a notion that being a member of a sorority of fraternity means giving up schoolwork to focus on all the parties. But who really wants to sacrifice getting good grades? Getting an “A” while being a member of a sorority or fraternity can be easy if you try following these few tips!

Office Hours

On every class syllabus the professor has their office hours of availability for students to come in to talk about their class work. Office hours are very beneficial because it gives the professor an opportunity to put a name with the face while grading papers, which can help improve your grade. It also gives professors a chance to go over assignments and tests with you. Go see your professor during their office hours before and after an exam so you can review what is going to be on this one and what you need to review for next time. Visiting your professor is an easy way to improve your grades and lets them know you care. Professors love getting to know their students!

Schedule Your Time

Between the socials, chapter meetings and studying, getting a calendar is essential for any college student! Use a calendar to mark when your school assignments are due as well as other obligations to help manage your time wisely. Being able to look at when things are happening a week in advance can help you prioritize your time and give you extra time to do get involved in other activities or events. Try color-coordinating different events in your calendar to help differentiate your obligations.

Buddy Up

Ask an older member of your fraternity or sorority to give you advice on classes. Since they’re older they probably know what classes to take and avoid,  as well as give you tips to get that “A”. Older Greek members may have even taken the same classes and can give you advice on homework, tests, or what to expect from professors. It’s also not a bad idea to form a study group within your sorority or fraternity if you are studying for the same class.

College is full of distractions, making time management all the more important. Being involved in a Greek Organization can actually help you use your time more efficiently. Reap the benefits of your Greek organization, especially when it comes to academia.

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