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Do you ever wonder who is creating your custom design, who you are emailing back and forth with or who is posting on Instagram? Meet the Greek Streak Communications team! Each member is dedicated to a different part of making sure that you get your dream design on the exact piece of apparel that you wanted, in time for your big event!

Brand Identity Developer
“On a daily basis, I work to maintain the brand by creating marketing collateral, updating the website and maintaining a social media presence. I interact with the customer through marketing and social media posts. I make sure that our customers know about any special promotions or fun contests that we are running!”

Business Development Manager
“As Business Development Manager I oversee both the Sales and Marketing departments and the Design team. It’s my job to make sure day to day operations are running smoothly and that our customer’s are receiving the best of the best from our staff. I also manage projects related to growing the brand and I’m constantly searching out new opportunities for Greek Streak! On any given day, I may be sourcing new garment styles or researching the latest decoration method. ”

Sales and Marketing Associate
“I primarily work directly with our customers on every aspect of the ordering process, including pricing and design! I am their go-to for any questions or concerns regarding any part of the ordering process. My end goal is to make the ordering process super easy and fun for the customer. “

Sarah H
Graphic Designer
“I work with customer requests, whether the request is a written list of items that they want in the design or a hand-drawn sketch that they’ve sent in. I also am constantly updating and adding designs to our product lines, like Spirit Jerseys and Single Order t-shirts.  I specialize in hand-drawn illustrations and patterns!”

Sarah B
Senior Graphic Designer
“I create custom designs for customers based on their requests. My favorite part of my job is being able to turn a simple sketch or request into something that the customer really loves. I oversee a team of graphic artists and manage the internship program for the design department. I also ensure that our customers receive their orders on time. ”

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