Get “Chev-rON” With Your Bad Self

This years hottest trend: Chevron Stripes chevron c And lucky for us, it’s so easy to make this pattern ourselves! Using white and any bright color will put a little spring in your step as the semester rolls on.
Add this pattern to crafts for you sisters, simple home decor, or even your fingertips.

Wall Art
Start with something blank, anything that can be painted. Picture frame, canvas, wall hooks, anything! Gather all your paint colors, including white. You can either paint the stripes free hand or use painter blue tape to layout your stripes. This tape won’t leave paint edges when you peal it off your art work, and it’s cheap!

chevron wall 1-C

Paint the whole piece white and let it dry. If you’re using tape, arrange it to create equal width stripes. Always paint the lightest color first, painting the darkest first will dull the light color when painting over it. Let it dry, peal away tape, and hang!

Custom Letter Shirts
The easiest way to make Chevron stripes part of your wardrobe is by making your own Greek letters shirt. You’ll need 5 items to make these shirts: your favorite Chevron print, a solid color fabric, a plain cotton shirt, fabric glue or iron-on fabric paper, and coordinating puffy paint. You can find everything at a fabric store or Walmart. Cut out your Greek letters from the Chevron first. Cut the solid color letters a little bit bigger, creating a border for the Chevron print. Glue or iron-on the letters together, then the shirt. Outline the letters in puffy paint to complete the shirt. Let dry, and vualá, a new letter shirt! And all for under $10.

You stare at your hands all day long. Whether you’re taking a test or you’re writing a 10 page paper, your nails are in your eye line for hours on end. Spice things up with a Chevron design. Paint it on all your nails, or mix it up with only a couple nails in Chevron stripes.


Keep a few nails solid, even add a little sparkle. Make sure each coat is completely dry before applying another color. This is not an activity you rush! Find nail stripes at your local convenience store to create straight lines, or you can use regular masking tape. Finish your design with a clear top coat to give it that extra shine.


Check out Greek Streak’s Pinterest page for more ideas on how to utilize this trendy pattern!


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