Getting to Know Your New Members

Even though bid day may be over, the fun is just beginning! Getting a new pledge class is exciting and we all  want to get to know as many new members as possible. It is important to welcome in the new members with open arms. One way to bond with new members is through “sister dates”. Going on sister dates will help you get to know your new members on a deeper level! Here are a few fun sister date activities.

> Mani Pedis: Getting your nails done is one of everyone’s favorite little luxuries, which is even more fun when you invite a sister to come along. It is a great time to talk to your new sister and read magazines together.

> Baking: Not only is this fun, but you will leave the date with half the baked goods. If you enjoy eating and talking with your sisters than this is a must!  

> Crafting: Who doesn’t enjoy getting being creative and letting your inner artist out? Using glitter and paint, you and a new member can help each other craft for your littles and bigs!

> School Sporting Event: Going to a basketball game or a football game together can be a really fun way to get to know your new sister better. You can get ready together, decking out in school spirit. At the game, you can pick out the cute players while sharing a soft pretzel.

There are so many more ways to get to know your new members. Good luck getting to know your new sisters and to the new members, welcome home!



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