Giant Paper Peony DIY

Craft the perfect Initiation decoration

This giant, paper peony is seriously easy to make! Our design team has racked up more than a few “Pinterest Fails”, but we had no trouble putting this one together. Get together with a big group of your sorority sisters and make 10 of these beauties to use as Initiation decoration. They would look absolutely amazing attached to an archway like the example shown below. Use softer colors like we did and have the new members stand underneath it to take their Initiation Photos!



– A LOT of tissue paper of varying colors and or patterns
– Clear tape
– Hot glue gun
– Some sharp scissors (seriously, we tried with dull ones and failed)

Step 1:


Gather all of your materials on a large table. Fold all of your tissue paper into an accordion shape, as shown. Use hot glue or tape to bind it right in the middle of the accordian.

Step 2:


Cut the ends of both sides to be rounded. Gently pull up on the top layer, it will start to sort of look like a blooming flower.

Step 3:


Continue gently pulling up layer after layer, pulling them toward the center. Fan the sides out as you go, to help it form more of a circular shape.

Step 4:


Keep gently pulling the “petals” upward. Check out how much you have left and try to balance the fluffiness. If you have a ton of tissue paper left, start making the layers closer together.



Fluff it up a little more and you’re good to go!

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