Giving Back to the Community

Community Service and Philanthropy events are very important aspects of all Greek Life. Every year, Fraternities throughout the country donate their time and efforts sponsoring community service and philanthropy projects from which donations of money, goods and/or services are given to charitable organizations. Fraternities really make a good name for themselves when they help give back to their communities. Some fraternities host semi-annual or annual events that are fun, creative, and go to a good cause. For example, the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity at Towson University hosts a 48-hour See-saw event every semester that raises thousands of dollars for the Semi-Colon Club. The brothers make awesome shirts for the event and alternate riding the see-saw for 48-hours straight, a fun and creative event that has become so popular it is shown on the local news. Community Service and Philanthropy events are an excellent way to serve your community and bond with your fellow Fraternity brothers.

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