The Great Greek Spotlight- Jerrie Mock

Every week we will be honoring a Great Greek Woman to celebrate and showcase all that Greek Life does!

This week we are honoring Jerrie Mock,a Phi Mu from Ohio State University who was the first woman to fly solo around the world.


When Jerrie was 7 she took her first ride on an airplane and declared that one day she was going to fly an airplane too. Never losing her love for airplanes, she became the only female aeronautical engineering major at Ohio State University, where she also joined Phi Mu. During her time in a male-dominated major she earned respect through her grades starting when she got the only perfect score on a chemistry exam.

After leaving OSU she married her husband, Russell Mock, and went on to have 3 children. She worked as a producer for a radio station and began taking flying lessons. Both her and Russ earned their flying licenses and purchased a small plane. However, one day she turned to her husband and informed him that she was feeling bored. He jokingly told her that she should fly around the world and she decided to do just that.

The trip began March 19, 1964 in Columbus, Ohion and ended April 17 in Columbus.Mock completed the flight around the world in 29 days with 21 stopovers, flying 22,860 miles. She flew for 17 hours a day, the maximum airports would allow.

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She was awarded countless medals and honors but quietly returned to her private home life to raise her children. Her plane, The Spirit of Columbus, is hanging in the National Air and Space Museum. There is a statue of her at The Works Museum in Newark, Ohio. The United States Air Force named a street after her at Rickenbacker AFB in Ohio and September 14, 2014 was declared Jerrie Mock Day. She passed away in her sleep on September 30, 2014 at the age of 88.

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