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You read about it in papers, see it on the local news broadcasts and hear various horror stories about how a student’s college experience was forever altered by the likes of hazing, sexual assault and/or alcohol consumption. The three aforementioned factors are three variables that seem to have a particular relationship to the college lifestyle. In many cases, several of the variables are even tied together, which can lead to an even more potentially dangerous situation. Yes, all college students are likely to hear about the hazards associated with college life at some point during their years on campus, but how much of an impact do orientation seminars really have?

That’s where the international fraternity Delta Upsilon enters the picture. Founded in 1834 on the basis that there’s “nothing secret,” (i.e. principles, initiations, etc.), the fraternity is the brain trust behind GreekLifeEdu, a science-based course consisting of four modules to help chapter members learn the facts – and potentially detrimental consequences – associated with hazing, alcohol consumption and sexual assault.

The course has been offered to Delta Upsilon members since 2001 and employs an informative – and not a preaching – attitude in a web-based format.

The Modules

As we previously mentioned, GreekLifeEdu consists of four modules, consisting of an Introduction to Alcohol, Hazing, Sexual Assault and a Follow-Up refresher course. The four modules are broken up into two parts and can be taken over the Internet. Part I, which consists of three modules (Introduction to Alcohol, Hazing and Sexual Assault), takes about two hours to complete and is followed by a final exam in which students must earn at least a 90 percent score for credit.

Part II is completed about a month after Part I and consists of the Follow-Up module. Following completion, students will receive credit for the course and have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the various topics GreekLifeEdu covers, enabling better and more informed decision-making for their college tenure.

The modules will approach the topics in the form of videos, discussion boards, blogs and additional interactive activities. Additionally, tools such as blood alcohol content calculators and U.S. laws for legal limits of consumption will be presented. What’s more is that the modules will cover safe partying tips and how to help a friend that’s experienced any of the course topics. Q&A sessions on hazing, sexual assault and other topics will also be covered.

Since its founding in 1834, Delta Upsilon hasn’t kept anything it’s done a secret and has made everything it does public knowledge. And since 2001, GreekLifeEdu has helped pass along information with three of the most dangerous factors associated with college life.

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