Greek Streak T-Shirt Contest’s Top 3!

We need your help!

Recently, we motivated members of Greek life to share their Greek pride through the promotion of a t-shirt contest where we asked Greeks to tell us, in 100-200 words what they’re Greek letters meant to them. The candidates are competing to win $250 in Greek Streak bucks toward they’re next order!

Because, we received so many awesome responses it’s been difficult for us to choose, so we’ve left it up to You!

We will be announcing a winner Friday Nov. 9th! Here are our Top 3 picks. You decide!

Erica for Sigma Kappa– Sigma Kappa to me means friendship, loyalty, and personal growth. Through being a member of Sigma Kappa I have bonded with girls that I can always count on and truly call each and every one of them my best friend. That type of loyal friendship is something that cannot be replaced because of the way Sig Kap sisters motivate and support one another. I can truly say that I would not be the person I am today without the leadership skills, strong academic motivation, and loyal friends I have gained through Sigma Kappa. I could not be more proud to wear Sigma Kappa letters because of our accomplishments through philanthropic services, strong competitive drive, and leadership skills each sister possesses. I have learned so much about what it takes to be a well-rounded person because of all I have learned through my sisterhood.

Julie for Zeta Tau Alpha– When I wear the letters ZTA, I am representing so much more than just the name Zeta Tau Alpha. I am representing a history of women who strive to be genuine to themselves and to others. I am representing the group of girls who have become my sisters and my best friends, the people who I know will support me no matter what. I am representing a national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, that I am proud to be a part of and give my support to. I am representing the group that has had the largest impact on my life in the past two years, and that has greatly shaped me into the young woman I have become. My letters, for me, represent such a huge part of who I am, and I wouldn’t trade them for any others. ZTA love!

Vicki for Delta Gamma– Eta Mu-Lake Forest College is the third smallest chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. We have a diverse group of women involved in many organizations. Our girls have studied abroad in places like Botswana, New Zealand, and Greece. We even have one member from Cancun! Our letters mean that we are constantly trying to live up to our creed and our motto: Do Good. Eta Mu “does good” every day, whether its members are in class, on the field, organizing events, or being involved in DG. We are there to support each other by being a source of good company and a good laugh when needed.

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