Greek Streak’s Brand New Customization Tool

Want to design a shirt at Greek Streak but don’t know where to start? Use our brand new customization tool! This tool can be found if you go to “Single Orders” > “DESIGN TOOL”

Why is it so great? Because YOU get to be the designer, not us! There are three options to choose from: blank canvas, design template, or start where you left off with saved artwork.

Blank Canvas

Here you get to pick the type of shirt you want and then pick the color that that shirt comes in. Next, see what artwork we have in our gallery to add to your design. We have basic shapes and even designs you can see on group orders for fraternities and sororities. If you don’t see anything you like, you can even add your own image to put on your shirt! Add some text. Shoot us any questions you may have in the notes, and Voila! A shirt has been made!

Design Templates

Here you can choose from a number of our design templates we have featured on our website! Pick the design you want and add it to your favorite product!

Products to choose from

>Half-sleeves (both Men’s and Women’s sizes)




We want YOU to be the designer and show off your Greek Streak gear! Tell your friends and tell them to start ordering today!

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