Greek T-Shirt Ideas for Spring

As the school year comes to an end and the long awaited summer break rounds the corner, there are only a few remaining projects to complete and exams to take. Whi­­­le recruitment, bid day and football games are the last things on your mind right now, taking the time to plan ahead for next fall will most certainly help relieve some of that ‘back to school stress’. The transition from end of summer to back to school is hectic, overwhelming and maybe even daunting for some. Help yourself handle the stress better by doing a few simple tasks now.

First, take a moment to brainstorm possible socials or annual events you will frantically be trying to organize at the start of next school year while simultaneously marking exam dates in your calendar, buying proper textbooks and catching up with friends. Below are a few possible upcoming events and what you can do NOW to enable you to spend less time fretting over your to-do list come next fall.

FLOAT TRIP, ANYONE? Does your sorority have a summer event planned? Why not make the event more memorable by designing custom sorority shirts or tanks. Even if your summer activities aren’t affiliated with your sorority, a bright T-shirt or America themed tank (Pi Beta Phi shirt example here) can help connect you to your sisters during the long break. While you may not have committed to any summertime apparel yet, send out an email to let yours sisters know to be on the lookout for an upcoming message for them to place their orders.

BID DAY! Provide your new members with the best bid day shirt in all of Greek town. Incorporate a theme or make it specific to your university. Whatever you decide, make your letters big and bold to allow your new members to proudly show off your chapter! Then, design matching shirts in a different color for your current members to wear on the first day of class. This way, your new members can instantly find girls to sit by in class, make plans for lunch or ask directions.

FALL EVENTS – From initiation, to parents weekend, to football games and beyond, the list of Greek activities in the fall seems endless. Instead of throwing together a design and submitting last minute orders for tailgating tees to commemorate the football season, brainstorm new, creative ideas now! Look at your options and ask your sisters for their preference. Then when the time comes, you’ll be able to provide T-shirts unique to your chapter and approved by your sisters.

Just think, by doing a little planning and preparing now, your work load next fall will be much more manageable enabling you to spend more time doing what you love.

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