Halloween Is Almost Here!

Halloween is about a week away. We get to eat all the candy we want, watch scary movies, and best of all dress up in costumes! I know I always look forward to seeing what other people will come up with to wear, but sometimes I always resort to the classic black cat and find it hard to come up with a creative idea. Lucky for you all, we have gathered costume ideas that will make you stand out no matter where you go.

Where’s Waldo

what you’ll need:

>red & white striped shirt

>red hat with a pom pom

>nerd glasses

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

what you’ll need:

>a tiara

>black strapless dress & black heels

>strands of fake pearls


Three Blind Mice

what you’ll need:

>gray or black dress

>mouse ears & bow tie


>a cane


what you’ll need:



>tank tops (if you don’t have any, check out our website for a rush order!)

These are just a few ideas we have. To find more, look at our Pinterest board. We would love to see what you all decide to do!

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