Fall is for HOMECOMING

It’s getting close to the most spirit-filled weekend at college…Homecoming!

Homecoming is a great time to show your school pride and get involved with the many events happening on campus. Who knows, maybe you can get free food or swag from it?! For us Greeks, Homecoming is all about representing who we are. We show our pride with:


Banners let us showcase how creative we are and show our school pride at the same time! We gets other students’ attention and maybe they’ll choose to rush in the spring!


Everyone has their college or university’s normal shirts, but what better way to stand out in the crowd than designing your own? Check out Greek Streak’s Design Gallery and start designing yours today. If you don’t want to design your own, don’t worry! Pinterest has a ton of cute ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe.

Taking Part in Campus-wide Events

Taking part in homecoming events on-campus shows that you have school pride and you are helping to get the rest of your school hyped about the game! Participate in as much as you can and get your fraternity or sorority’s name out there! Maybe you’ll even get something from the university to help your group.

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