How to Wear Your Red, White, and Blue

Fourth of July is right around the corner! Have you figured out how to wear your red, white, and blue yet? Here are some ideas of what to wear for your celebration!

1. Red, White, and Bows. Not matter where you’re going bows are always acceptable! Wear them with a white tee and some jean shorts, or even a cute white dress!




2. Heading to the beach to watch the fireworks this summer? Grab a white, red, and blue bikini and don’t forget am American flag for pictures with your sisters!

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3. A classic look you can’t go wrong with, some jean shorts painted with the American flag. Mix them with a white top and a pair of ┬áVans. You can even make the jeans yourself with some paint!



4. If it’s a little colder where you are then why not grab some white jeans or yoga pants and an American flag hoodie to show your spirit?



5. Looking for a dressier look for the 4th? Find a print dress or some colored shorts and a light colored top with some gold jewelry.

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6. For a relaxed look, get a long sleeve tee from Greek Streak, some jean shorts, a pair of American flag Vans and head out to watch the sky light up.

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For more fun inspiration to get you ready for Forth of July check out our Pinterest page.


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