7 thoughts on “Greek T Shirt Contest

  1. Vicki Gerentes

    Eta Mu-Lake Forest College is the third smallest chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity. We have a diverse group of women involved in many organizations. Our girls have studied abroad in places like Botswana, New Zealand, and Greece. We even have one member from Cancun! Our letters mean that we are constantly trying to live up to our creed and our motto: Do Good. Eta Mu “does good” every day, whether its members are in class, on the field, organizing events, or being involved in DG. We are there to support each other by being a source of good company and a good laugh when needed.

  2. Sara Sawinski

    To me, my Alpha Gamma Delta letters means being myself, and being accepted completely by my sisters. My chapter, Zeta-Nu of Alma College, is a very small chapter, but we all try everyday to live up to the expectations of our chapter and of our purpose. Our motto is “Inspire the Woman, Impact the World”, and we hold on to this motto everywhere we go. By striving for more in our lives, and encouraging our sisters to strive for more, we know that we have a chance to impact and change the world. That is what my letters mean to me.

  3. Holly Ross

    The Zeta Nu chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta is my world. I was the girl who never wanted to be Greek because I fell for the stereotypes. I spent my freshman year feeling like a piece was missing and I didn’t quite belong. I met a lot of the girls and decided to try recruitment and see if I fit. That moment when I put on my letters for the first time, I became the ‘me’ I always wanted to be. I was wanted and loved unconditionally by complete strangers I now call family. When I wear my letters, I know what I represent and I have never been more proud in my life. I am my letters.

    1. Amber Claude

      Becoming a member of the Kappa Theta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha has become my own little fairytale. It’s nothing short of life changing. My sisters have molded me into the strong person today. Without them I don’t know where I would be. They say you are made up of everyone you meet, that you take a piece of them with you, no matter where you go. I know where that wherever life may take me, my sisters are standing by my side and smiling in my heart. I now know what forever means; it means being a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha.

  4. Kamryn Kurtzner

    My Alpha Gamma Delta letters define me. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be apart of this amazing organization. The Zeta Nu chapter has shown me acceptance, love, and care through all my struggles and hardships. I know that I can count on every single one of my sisters at any time of need. Being a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta will reach far beyond my college years; I will proudly call these women my sisters for life.

  5. Sarah Ladhani

    “Blood is thicker than water”, is a phrase often used to describe the inseparable bond between family members. I share a bond with a group of girls who I call my sisters. The bond? Our sorority, Sigma Sigma Rho. Being the smallest sorority on our campus, with only seven active sisters, each of us have come together to keep our sorority successful whilst encouraging each other to grow. Before I joined Sigma Sigma Rho I would surround myself with people and activities that would allow me to take the role of a follower. Since then I have been forced to break out of my shell, gain the courage to voice my opinions and take responsibility of myself and others. Our motto, “Qayamat Tak”, means “Till death” in Hindi. Not only does “Qayamat Tak” signify the unbreakable bond that we share with each other but it also means that the life lessons we learn together will stay with us forever. When I look at my reflection in the mirror, I do not see a girl with ΣΣP sewn on her shirt, instead I see a woman who gives meaning to the letters Sigma Sigma Rho.

  6. Chloe Secor

    Alpha Gamma Delta means home. It is everything from staying up late with my sisters, procrastinating on homework together to our sacred ritual we all share. Alpha Gamma Delta means seeing my best friend, who has been without home before, run into the arms of dozens of welcoming, loving sisters. It means living with Purpose–even if you’re ready to give up, you always know you have Purpose in your life. It means being able to reach out not only to a sister in my own chapter, Zeta Nu, but sisters from Georgia, California, Ontario–all around the world. My letters, Alpha Gamma Delta, mean everything to me.


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