Introducing– The Press Collection!

Normally I don’t like change, but Greek Streak has made a change that will benefit pretty much everyone. Their Press Collection apparel line makes shirts using a process called sublimation. This means new designs, customized orders, more variety and a quicker shirt making process. This is big, people.

So let’s point out the best benefits of this new shirt process:

  • More designs are now available for every sorority. — More options, more colors.
  • NEW patterns, NEW looks.
  • Go Traditional or Trendy — You can mix it up and pick a completely new design or you can go classic and get letters with new patterns and choose between a wide variety of colors.
  • Customized by You —Make your letters your own on a shirt style of your choosing.

The best part about this process is the ability to customize your orders. You can do a bulk order of a shirt with a new design, you can do a bulk order and let every sister choose their own shirt, or you can just order a couple of shirts (maybe two matching shirts for you and your little!) Let’s face it, every sorority member is unique so why wouldn’t your shirts be too?

The possibilities are endless and we’re so excited for you to reap the benefits! Click here to visit our Press Collection page where you can choose or customize your shirts! Sometimes change is good. Sublimation is very good.

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