Keep In Touch With Your Sisters Over the Summer!

All chapters have girls from all across the states or even different countries. Some of your best friends may be a 15 hour drive away but that does not mean you all cannot keep in touch over the summer! Some of the best friendships are the ones where you can go days or even weeks without talking and you know they will always be there. You don’t see each other for three months and it is like nothing has even changed! Sometimes it is hard to keep in touch with your sisters when everyone has jobs, internships, vacations, etc. over the summer. One of the best ways to keep in touch is with group text messaging or even creating a Facebook group that you all can be in!

Members can update everyone at once in a Facebook group with all of their experiences and that way you can share your summer with sisters who are hundreds of miles away! A lot of chapters have a huge Facebook page for all members but sometimes it is easier to keep in touch with those sisters who are closest to you. Make a smaller Facebook page with your closest sisters and whenever someone has exciting news to share they can post on that page. Sometimes people forget to text back or don’t like having group texting from all the notifications so Facebook is the best way to catch up when you have the time! You all can also have weekly Skype or Facetime sessions and you will feel like you are physically together. Don’t lose touch with any of your sisters because they will end up being your closest friends for the rest of your life!

If one of your sisters has a Birthday over the summer and you can’t be there to celebrate, check out our Press Collection shirts and give her a gift that shows what brought you two together!

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