Last minute to-do’s to prep for Formal!

If you’re in a sorority, you can agree that it is a known fact that spring formal is an event that is known for having a ton of pictures to be taken. So it is no surprise that everyone wants to look their best ! By now you have either just come back with a nice tan from somewhere warm for Spring Break or have already booked your spray tan as well as ordered your dress and are probably planning how you will do your hair.

Here are some tips to ensure you will look and feel great on that amazing night!

  1. Get your beauty sleep!!- it sounds like a no-brainer but getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep before the big event will ensure that you’re well rested and will have the energy to last all night dancing! Also, not to mention you’ll look and feel refreshed! (Raccoon eyes are not a good look!)
  2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE!– drink plenty of water! You should honestly be consuming about 2 liters a day! Drinking water helps process the salt in our bodies, boosts metabolism, and prevents dehydration.
  3. Eat the right foods– knowing what foods to eat on the day of is essential! Eating the wrong foods such as refined sugars, processed foods, and lots of bread can leave you feeling tired and bloated. No one wants to feel like that on a night when you’re supposed to feel gorgeous! For some healthy food ideas check out our Clean Eating Pinterest Board !
  4. Be camera ready- want picture perfect makeup? Here is a little secret: dip your makeup brush into a moisturizer cream, remove the excess cream, then dip the brush into a powder foundation. This technique prevents shine control and will have you looking flawless!

Still need spring formal attire? Take a look at Greek Streak’s Formal design gallery for ideas, or create your own design by completing a Quick Quote form.

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