Let’s Fall Back Into Giving: Community Service Ideas!

Finally Fall is here!

fall-leaves-treeThe temperature is changing and now it’s the season to give back! We have some great community service ideas for you!

“I Care” Care Packages for the Homeless

bagsFirst, you have to get bags. The dollar store is a great place to find bags like these! Getting them in your sorority colors are a nice personal touch.

Large sandwich bags are also effective!

Next, you have to stuff them. Stores such as five and below, target, walmart, and the dollar store offer cheap travel size toiletries. You can fill your bags with toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, Kleenex pocket tissues, Tide-to-go, socks, shampoo, wipes, snacks, bottled water, mouthwash, gum, etc.

You can also get other Greeks involved and the rest of your school. Set up donation boxes in the dorms and social areas(the student union). Any little bit counts! Once you’re all finished, you can drop the packages off to your local shelter.

Host a Penny Drive!

pnniesA college penny drive can be a lot of fun! Set up stations where campus is filled with students. Make sure you have jars or buckets out.

Over a 5 day span, ask your peers and professors to drop their spare pennies into your jar! You’ll be surprised how much you can raise in 5 days!

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