Let’s Find a Summer Job!


So you’re sitting around the house, apartment, wherever you reside, at a loss for what to do this summer. The weather is great, it’s sunny, the birds are chirping and most of your friends are gone. Whether they’re at home, on vacation or working full-time, there is a good chance you may be hanging out all alone. While there are many things you can do to pass the time, increasing your self-worth and even making some extra money (jobs, internships anyone?) sounds quite enticing, right?

Here are some activities that can keep you busy, give you something fun to do and help create a better ‘brand’ or self-image for post-graduation as you venture off into the ‘real-world’…

Make yourself known on campus

Whether you’re part of a Greek organization (sorority, fraternity, what have you) or you’re non-affiliated, there are bound to be opportunities on campus for students stuck still in town. Your school’s Greek Life office (or any department for that matter) may be in need of some extra hands – organizational duties, planning events for next semester or even general clean-up come to mind. Not only will this keep you busy, but is something that can be added to your resume.

Resources at your disposal

There are many services or programs that are offered at your school that you may not even be aware of. Almost all schools have a Career or Civic Engagement office/department that continuously compile a multitude of potential internships, as well as part and full-time opportunities for students. Take advantage of this service that is provided solely for you. The office may not be open all-day during the summer but you should be able to find someone to help you – ask around.

Give back

Regardless of your school’s location there are bound to be volunteering opportunities. Whether it’s a local homeless or pet shelter, a Habitat for Humanity location, a Salvation Army collection truck, or helping out a professor at school, you can find a way to give back. Check out your school’s website for listings or do a quick Google search in your area.

When you are looking for a job after graduation, employers want to see that you kept busy during your undergrad tenure. If you aren’t taking summer classes and currently don’t have a job, go find one – do something! You’ll feel better about yourself, create a better image when applying for jobs and possibly make a little coin while doing so.

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