Make Your Fall Recruitment Fun!

Preparing for fall recruitment as a chapter can be tiring and frustrating. Some chapters only have one day to prepare for recruitment while others take a week. No matter how short or long, there is a way to make preparing for recruitment fun! If you are a recruitment chair for your chapter, try and make this year’s workshop a little more fun with a few easy activities!

tumblr_mrom6yoXTF1re3uvko1_1280 1. Surprise Food!– Near the middle/end of the day get a surprise snack for your members. Think about getting ice cream, candy, or popsicles as a thanks for all their hard work that day!

2. Themed Days!– Turn your workshop into a spirit week and have all members dress up to a different theme every day! A few ideas are pajama day, luau, USA, and neon. Give out prizes to the girls who dress up the best!

3. Family Competitions!– Get all of the big/little families together and have a fun competition! Whether it be relay races or practicing talking to potential new members this is a great way to get everyone’s families together!

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