Make your Little a Summer Basket!

The end of the semester means saying goodbye to some of your favorite people, your little being one of the most important. Show her how much you’ll miss her by making her a Summer Little Basket! There are plenty of ways to get her some stuff she’ll love, without spending a ton of money. Here are a few ideas:

Make a mixed CD. They’re super easy to make, and it’s a great way to bond over your favorite tunes. Put some songs on there that she can jam out to while she drives home (especially if GreekTshirt_0803she lives a few hours away, or more than a few.) She’ll love the heartfelt gift and she’ll think about you while she listens to it!

Get her a sorority t-shirt! We have tons of summer styles, like this one, that your little would look great in. They’re light and perfect for summer weather, and it’ll remind her of the sisters she loves. Check out our exclusive summer styles here, or go to our Press Collection for customizable designs!

Pack her some beach stuff. Maybe give her a cute cover-up or a towel in your sorority colors. Then add some little things like sun block, tanning oil, sunglasses, or some stickers so she can do tanning tattoos. Giving her stuff she’ll be able to use will make her love and miss you even more. And if you don’t have to part for the whole summer, then you and your8802 little can use this stuff together!

Customize a sorority tote for her! That way she has something to put all this stuff in when she goes out or goes to the beach. You can put your sorority letters on it, or you can put “Little” on her bag, and get one that says “Big” just for you! Greek Streak will have customizable totes coming soon!

These are just a few ways to show your love, but you can add anything you want to your Summer Little Basket. Got some awesome ideas? Leave them in our comments section!

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