Make Your Sister’s Summer Birthday Special!

There are a lot of summer babies out there and I’m sure you have a few sorority sisters who’s birthday’s fall over summer break. If you do not live near one of your sister’s who have a summer birthday there are a ton of ways to still be a part of her day and make her feel special!

1. Call her, text her, write on her Facebook wall, make an Instagram collage, and tweet at her! No one can deny that they love getting a shout out on social media and this is the easiest/cheapest way to show your sister how much she means to you! 6

2. Buy a gift!– Get her home address and send her a present! Who doesn’t want a present on their birthday!? You can give her one of our Press Collection shirts (single orders available) that has your sorority design on it! What better gift than one that represents what helped you become friends in the first place!

3. Surprise her!– If she is within a reasonable distance from you, take a road trip with any sister’s that live nearby and surprise her on her birthday! She will love that her friends from home and friends from school will all be together!

Take a look at our sorority designs and get an idea on what shirt you want to buy your sister!

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