The Many Ways to Puffy Paint!

Puffy Paint isn’t just a one trick pony, there are tons of crafts that are made extra special just by using puffy paint instead of regular paint. Break out of your puffy paint shell and try some of these craft ideas!



Lanterns-  These turn out so pretty. It looks difficult, but really it’s just a bunch of dots in fun designs. You can do this with mason jars to make lanterns, or vases, or even glassware. It’s a great way to make something bland stand out in a way that shows your personality and unique style.




Leather Bracelet- Take a normal leather bracelet, and use puffy paint to jazz it up. You can put your letters on it, and it looks really cool to do one repetitive design all the way around. They last a long time, and they’re fun items to put in your Big or Little Baskets. Check out our Press Collection shirts, and make a bracelet to match the shirt you want to give your little!



Canvas art- The idea behind puffy paint canvas art is to use the same color puffy paint as on the background of the canvas. That way, the difference in texture stands out rather than just color. Each design is custom, made for you by you.



Ornaments- There are tons of ways to make puffy paint ornaments. You can use normal cbd9c78a1d3eca97aba5bf0973750e15 ornaments (we recommend anti-shatter ornaments) and use puffy paint to create different designs, but you can also make puffy paint window clings that look like ornaments or snowflakes and then make them into actual ornaments once they dry. Either way, you’ve got some ornaments that are all individually unique.


For instructions on how to make any of these, or for more puffy paint craft ideas, visit our Pinterest board!

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