Maryland Pride Spirit Football Jersey

Even though Greek Streak makes apparel for all over the country, we’re based in Maryland and wanted to show some MD pride! So we made a spirit jersey to show off our awesome flag and how much we love our state.


You can pre-order this jersey for only $49! This is a limited time offer so get them today!! Spread the word to all your friends, family, and fellow Maryland lovers.

Everyone needs a Spirit Jersey. You can wear them with everything, any time of day, anywhere. They’re so comfy and will be sure to keep you warm this fall. So show off your Maryland pride and order one before time runs out!

Click here to pre-order this Spirit jersey!

Also be sure to check out our Twitter for more promotions and limited time offers as well as our Maryland Pride Pinterest board! :)

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7 thoughts on “Maryland Pride Spirit Football Jersey

  1. Lily

    I am interested in purchasing the maryland spirit jersey. Are they still for sale? Feel free to contact me.
    Thank you I appreciated it.


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