“I Miss My Sisters” Crafts!

It’s getting to that point in the summer when we already miss the sorority members that live too far away over the summer. Why not be a little sentimental, whip out some sorority photos and do some crafts?! It will help you remember your sisters, and you’ll have some awesome photo collages to hang.

This photo collage is really easy, and it’s super cute. You have a lot of options for how you want to display your photos. You can pick as many photos as you want, and it can be as easy as hot gluing them onto a piece of ribbon and hanging it! If you want to get a little craftier, you can grab a few small canvases and mod podge your photos onto them, and then hot glue the canvases to the ribbon. Either option gives you an original look.


If you have a bunch of photos and you can’t just choose a few, this option is perfect. This collage is just a bunch of photos on a wall in the shape of a heart. It’s so simple, but it looks really cool right? It doesn’t take long to do, and you’ll have tons of photos to look at! e28d6997c4ebac786ff47606daf95da6

This collage is the most time consuming, but it also ends up looking like a professional photo collage. It would be great to do photos of you and your sorority family, or just photos of you and your best sorority friends! You’ll need a large board, you can do wood (which will be a little extra money, but it will look better) or you can even do a foam board. Then you put your photos where you want them on the board, and just mod podge them right on! It takes a bit of work but it looks amazing! 181 copy

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