Mixer season is upon us! How prepared are you?

Planning events for your Greeks can be difficult. Formals, fundraisers, community service activities, the list goes on! One sure fire way to keep your sanity during mixer season: PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Just like other large events, socials should not be any different! Here’s a short checklist to ensure your chapter’s enjoyment and does not drive you to the loony bin.

1. Establish a Budget: Just like formals, you have to decide how much you are willing to spend. Think about how many people, decorations, food and drinks, location, and party favors. The earlier you plan, the less of a chance you’ll go over budget. Maybe if you stay under, you can get a little something for yourself!

2. Head Count: This is essential to planning a social. Figuring out how many organizations are invited and how many people are actually going can have a huge impact. With an estimate, you will be able to start planning for drinks, food, and the all important SOLO cup count.

3. Location: Look for something that is close by, even within walking distance. Depending on how big you guest list, you may even be able to host in a chapter house or off campus house. If you are using an off campus site, check the facility’s policies for food, drinks, and attire. Once the location is set, it is time for the fun part of planning!

4. THEME: Think outside the box for mixer and social ideas. Ask your new members for ideas. Their fresh perspective on themes may be the golden ticket. Ask older sisters which themes were total flops. Avoid those at all costs!

Here are a few theme ideas you can focus on. Start here, and get more specific!

  • School Mascot or Campus Events
  • Sporting Event
  • What to Wear? – i.e. hats, wigs, etc.
  • Nitty Gritty – graffiti, highlighter
    It’s hard to find a cute top from your closet that you don’t want to mess up for a mixer. Here’s a solution! Order letter shirts! White tanks or v-necks are perfect for graffiti and highlighter mixers. If you are mixing with two or three organizations, talk to their mixer chair!
  • Holidays – Flag Day, Arbor Day, President’s Day

The more creative the idea, the more original the event will be! Check with your members after a theme is selected. If a majority does not like it or won’t participate, keep brainstorming or ask for suggestions!

5. Decorations & Party Favors: Whether it is for recruitment, Bid Day, or a member’s birthday party, every event needs to have the appropriate decor. Take advantage of your space with balloons, streamers, and colorful cups. Depending on how big of an event you are planning, you can even include door prizes or give-a-ways, like custom Greek shirts for your members or apparel specifically designed just for your event. Whatever you decide, you want people remembering your event. Why not give away shirts just for your guests?!

No matter what the occasion, socials and mixers are a great way to bring your campus Greek Life together. Incorporate a great theme, and your organization will be #1 on Greeks to mix with!





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  1. speedlimit12

    This is a great article, and really helpful! I’m getting ready to host my first mixer, and was struggling with theme ideas. But this provided me with a lot of starting points, thanks!


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