New Semester Resolutions

With the semester already a couple weeks in, this is prime time to lose track of your semester goals. Like New Year’s resolutions (which we’ve all made and all broken), semester resolutions start to fall to the side as things pick up.

Here are a few easy resolutions and tips on how to keep them, making your semester run as smoothly as possible.


Every school based list includes organization, but that’s just because it is so important! Every semester I completely organize my school life but by week 3 or 4 I begin to be less diligent. Take this time in the semester to go through and re-organize everything…I mean everything! Empty out your backpack. Clean out all the trash, like scraps of paper and empty coffee cups, that you throw in your bag as you go. Make sure you put all loose paper into their corresponding folder, binder etc.

Keep a Schedule

At this point, you have received a syllabus for all your classes. Hopefully, the syllabus includes all test and project dates. Go through your syllabus and write down all the dates in your calendar. This way, you can go through each month and see how heavy your workload will be (which allow for better future planning). Write down any social dates as well, whether this is sorority or personal. Write down the date even if you think you’ll remember it, that way if last minute plans come up, you can see your day in a quick glance. Also, bring your agenda/calendar to everything! Class, business meeting, your internship etc. You never know when you’ll get a date thrown at you.

Find (and Commit) to a Study Space

Find the best place in your house or on campus to study. This place should be comfortable, well lit and clear of distractions. You should also make sure you can access it at almost any time (for those late night study sessions.) Try to avoid your bed because your brain will associate it with sleep, making it harder to pay attention. Make a point to use this area regularly to that you associate it with studying.

Connect with your Professor

Regardless of the size of your school, you’ll inevitably need your professor’s help at some point in the semester. Early in the semester is the best time to make that connection. Talk to them at the end of class or stop in at their office hours. Introduce yourself and just touch base with them about the class. Ask any questions about upcoming projects or the previous lecture. Building this relationship can aid you in the future when you might need an extension or a letter of recommendation.

The final resolution: Have fun!

Your time in college is limited. Make sure you relax and give yourself plenty of time to kick back and have a good time. Make plans with your friends and attend social events. Just make sure you prioritize!

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