New Year’s Resolutions We Can Stick To

For 2013, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose 20 pounds and get back to my high school weight. Needless to say, I did not lose 20 pounds and as 2014 rolled around I realized that I’m totally fine with that. This year I’m embracing more realistic New Year’s Resolutions and hopefully when 2015 sneaks up on me, I’ll have actually accomplished some of my New Year’s goals. Here are some of my resolutions that I think every girl should get on board with:

88214c24b84f551d268f0b74e50d0bc11)      Don’t get skinny, get healthy. – So many girls feel like they always need to lose weight. I know I feel that way, but the truth is getting healthy is much more important. Maybe eating more salads is a better resolution than losing a bunch of weight.




2)      Less is more –Less talking and more listening, less planning and more doing, less frowning and more smiling. Sometimes doing less of one thing leaves room for you to do more of something better! Check out our Pinterest board for additional Less is More ideas!

3)      Break a Bad Habit—For example, I am going to try to stop biting my nails this year. Whether it’s biting your nails, smoking, procrastinating, or any other bad habit, try to kick it! Most bad habits occur out of stress or worrying and actually end up making you more stressed or worried. Who needs that?

4)      Encourage others—Does your Little know she’s beautiful? Tell her! Making others feel good is a win-win for everyone involved. Take your good spirits and share them with the people you love most and everyone around you will feel a difference.

5)      Try new things—Buy a vest you normally wouldn’t buy and wear it out. Look at the latest fashion trends and pick a few to add to your closet. You probably look amazing, and stepping out of the box is a great feeling!

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