Old T-shirt Crafts

If you have any old bid day, Greek week or a random jersey laying around that you never wear, you can make that old t-shirt into a new one! Here are 3 things to do with your old shirts~

shirt canvas 1. Make a t-shirt canvas! Buy a few canvas’ that will show the design on your shirts. Then, with a stapler staple the shirt to the canvas (in the back of it). You may need to cut your shirt to make sure the rest of it does not show on the front of the canvas but ta-da! You now have wall art from your shirts! That way you don’t have to get rid of them but you can recycle them into something you like more.

tutorial 7

2. Make a workout shirt! Here are the steps it takes to make this shirt. It’s easy and doesn’t require any sewing, just make sure you have a pencil, a ruler and some good scissors! This shirt was made from her old Kappa Alpha Theta shirt

koszulka (1)

3. This is another way to make a workout shirt, but personally, I would just wear this one with a bandeau for everyday wear. Cut the sleeves, the neck and a ‘U’ shape into the bottom of the shirt. Using ribbon, tie the back shoulders together and you’re done! Here is a picture of the process ~

We hope these gave you some more inspiration of what to do with your old sorority shirts! Let us know how they came out by posting them to Pinterest or Facebook!

Photos Courtesy of: Texas Girl, Not So Blank, and DenaGirl

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