Our Top 5 Favorite Sorority Harlem Shake Videos!

Following the recent online explosion of hysterical Harlem Shake videos, we have compiled our top 5 favorite ones – sorority style. From hilarious dancing chicken’s and monkey’s to those rocking larger than life afros, check out some of these crazy dance moves (if you can even call them that?):

This video comes from a sorority at the University of Georgia, starring the oh-so famous ‘Sock Monkey’

University of Wisconsin – Madison does it right in this video. Seems like a normal evening (minus the table dancing) until the living room erupts into a ravenous dance party. Sweet!

Check out this video from the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at the University of California – Berkley. ‘One thing leads to another’ – and that’s really all that needs to be said.

Even Florida Gulf Coast University men’s basketball team did not advance past the Sweet Sixteen, the Tri-Delta sorority was still back on campus getting wild in their rendition of the Harlem Shake. See for yourself –

Kappa Xi seems to be enjoying a wonderful and relaxing winter retreat, until of a sudden:

And just for good measure, we had to include our own ‘Greek Streak’ Harlem Shake extravaganza! Take a look:


Whether your fraternity or sorority has created an awesome Harlem Shake video, or you have a favorite (Greek life related, or not), please share it with us in the comments (appropriate ones please, think NFSW). Shake on!

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