Get Involved with your Philanthropy!

Hosting and participating in Philanthropy events is a huge part of any Fraternity and Sorority. But it isn’t just about the event itself; it’s the meaning behind it and the difference you are making in your community. When your Fraternity or Sorority participates in a Philanthropy event, they share a bond that unities them as part of something that is changing the lives of people less fortunate. At these events, the Fraternity, Sorority, or other organization hosting it, usually makes t-shirts, provides food, drinks and music, and encourages the participation of others. A great way to get involved with other organizations is by participating in their events and bringing your best efforts to help the cause. Greek Organizations around the country are making national headlines for their contributions and efforts towards helping people less fortunate than them. So get involved with Philanthropy events around your campus, and make a difference in your community!

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