Philanthropy Events

One of the most important responsibilities for all Greek Life members is giving back to the community. Greek Life members dedicate themselves to helping others by hosting or participating in community service and philanthropic events. Every organization has a philanthropy they support by hosting a variety of events. Most chapters host their own events every semester or every year to raise awareness, money, or even goods for their respected philanthropy. Fraternities and Sororities work independently and together by donating their time and efforts for a worthy cause. Along with giving their time and service during their own chapter philanthropy events, members should also participate in other Fraternity and Sorority events to give support to fellow Greek Life members. If you attend other Chapter’s events, they will most likely attend your events which will be beneficial to everyone involved. Community Service and Philanthropic events demonstrate the spirit and unity of Greek Life members and continues to be a big part of every Fraternity and Sorority.

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