Plan a Day at the Beach!

Some of us have been out of school for a month already, but even if it hasn’t been that long, it’s time to see your sorority and fraternity members! Planning a beach day is a great way to get a bunch of members all in the same place for a little while. Plus, it’s the beach! Here are some tips for planning your beach day.

Make a Facebook event. Put the plan right there where everyone can see all the details, and be able to RSVP. That way there’s no confusion about location or what people have to bring, or how many people are going because it’s all online.

Plan ahead of time. Some members won’t be able to go if you make the trip short notice, so give your sorority or fraternity members at least a month so they can take off work and figure out how to get there and all that good stuff.

Make it a Pot Luck. You gotta eat, right? So have some of your members, or all of them, bring something to eat like chips or chicken salad. That way you won’t have to worry about going to a restaurant and having to buy food. Don’t forget drinks!

Pack a bag. Make sure you have extra of those necessary items like sunglasses, sunscreen, and towels. That way you can be there for the member who forgot all that stuff.

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