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Every chapter on campus wants to have a positive reputation. One way to promote your sorority’s positive image is by knowing how to market your chapter! Using positive PR is becoming more and more popular among sororities across the nation. There are two different ways for your chapter to market themselves to the public: in-person and online. Let’s first take a look at chapter marketing in-person.

There are so many different ways to positively present your chapter on campus in a real life setting. You can hold your own event or be a part of another organization’s event; the possibilities are endless. Below is a list of some clever ways to market your chapter in-person.

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>Be an orientation leader during your college’s freshman orientation week. This will allow you to meet potential new members. While explaining how to get involved on campus, you can explain the benefits of joining Greek life. By being in orientation leader, you are conveying to freshman that your chapter helps to shape leaders that enjoy being a apart of different organizations all around campus.

>Volunteer to help with Move in Day. This is a great way to promote your chapter not only to new freshman, but to their parents! Making a great first impression is the key to success.

>Have a table at your campus’s Meet the Greeks event. This give you a chance to allow students to get a quick glance into what your chapter is all about. Use bright colors and elegant decorations to make your table stand out from the rest. Always make sure that you are greeting students who walk by your table.

>Host a “give away” table on campus several times a year. Some ideas include giving out hot chocolate at the beginning of the semester with cups that say “Warm up to the semester with Phi Mu” or giving out pens with cards that say “The sisters of Tri Delta wish you an “ink”credible holidays.” What college student doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff?

>Wear your letters Wednesday. Encouraging chapter members to wear their sorority letters every Wednesday is a great way to represent your chapter all around campus. Pair them with a cute pair of jeans and boots for the winter or wear them in the spring with shorts and sandals.

> Host bake sale on campus. This is a great way to make students aware of your sorority while also raising money for your philanthropy. Make sure to have a bake sale during finals week when everyone is craving a pick me up after spending countless hours in the library.

>Hold an open house. This gives students a chance to get to know sisters in the chapter. Make sure to advertise when it will be so you can maximize attendance. Target your audience by hanging banners and hanging out flyers.

>Support other fraternity and sorority events. Show up with smiles and make sure to be friendly. It is important to foster good relationships with other chapters on campus.


Now that we have covered in-person marketing, let’s explore how to positively represent your sorority online. To start, it is important that your chapter is present on social media. Social media has grown so much over the past few years, almost every college student as access to it. Make sure you create a Facebook page and Twitter handle for your sorority. Here are some ideas on how to utilize the online world to your chapter’s benefit.

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>Make a chapter website. It is important to update this annually with information on your philanthropy, chapter members, sisterhood, and recruitment dates. If people need to find out information on your chapter, they will turn to your sorority’s website first.

>Have your chapter listed on the u

>Constantly update your chapter Facebook page. People check Facebook every day. It is important that your sorority is continually adding new photos and status informing viewers what the chapter is up to. Make sure to put an emphasis on positive ways your chapter is helping campus and the community in order to raise your reputation.niversity website and on the Panhellenic Council


Website. This way other chapters on campus can learn about your

organization and get directed to your social media sights.

>Create a Chapter Tumblr and Instagram. Pictures can relay a lot of information about your chapter. By adding these to your social media mix, you can reach a larger audience and captivate your target. Make sure to use hash tags, locations, and creative captions to keep viewers interested in your content.

>Maintain an email database. Categorize the database by alumnae, potential new members, current members, and other chapters/organizations on campus. This will help the sorority stay organized while relaying chapter information to others.

> Create an electronic newsletter for your chapter. There are several different websites that can help your create a creative newsletter. Make sure to include what your chapter has been up to. Add pictures and member spotlights to make it an interesting read!


Individually, YOU can impact your chapter’s image. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to keep in mind when representing your sorority.

>DO post pictures of you and your sisters hanging out and being active in the community.

>DON’T use vulgar language on social media.

>DO post pictures of you at an organized event with other chapters on campus.

>DON’T post pictures if you can be identified as being under the influence

>DO wear your letters proudly on campus

>DO be friendly with other sororities and fraternities on campus, even if your chapter does not know them well.

>Do post tasteful pictures of you and your sisters going out and about.

>DON’T be rude to other chapters on campus.

> DO encourage other sisters to get involved in different clubs/organizations on campus

Remember, you are always wearing your letters!


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