Preparing for that internship!

So you want to apply for an internship, what comes next?
Did you know that the Sorority recruitment process actually helps prepare you for an interview?

1. Resume  

Your resume is your marketing tool for potential jobs. This is where you list your education, previous work experience, and extracurricular activities that you feel would add to your already stellar candidacy for this internship! Make sure that your work experience is relevant, meaning in the last couple of years. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if your resume came to a total of 1 page because your future boss doesn’t have a lot of time to go through dozens of resumes a day.

Click the picture to find out how!

2. Cover Letter

The cover letter is usually sent when applying to a job or internship. It should include: who you are, where you go to school, why you are interested, and what you can bring to the table. It is very important to share why you are the best person for the job out of all the other applicants who are fighting for this position. You should definitely research who this letter would go to once you mail it (ie. someone in HR) so you can address it to that person; however, if you can’t find a specific person, the traditional “Sir” or “Madam” works.

[there are tons of helpful resources online! Just Google “resume template” or “cover letter template” and combine the ones that you like!]

3. Dress

Congrats! Your resume and cover letter both show that you are a great candidate for this position and the company would like you to come in for an interview! First impressions are very important no matter  if it’s for a job or just in general. I would say you can never go wrong with overdressing for an interview; it shows that you are serious about the internship position you are applying for. Generally I would stick to a few key guidelines:

  • Make sure you aren’t showing too much skin
  • Don’t wear obnoxious jewelry that could detract from looking at you
  • Make sure you look clean and polished


4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Interviews are a stressful and scary thing, but by practicing what you say/act you will feel more confident and comfortable when the time comes for the actual interview! Print off some commonly asked interview questions and come up with responses to a few, ask a close friend or family member to act as your interviewer, or just practice in the mirror! It’s also very important to come up with specific examples to a question. Like if your interviewer asks if you work well as team , why not mention that you worked with a committee to plan an event on campus?

5. Most importantly? HAVE FUN! 

You need to find a way to have fun in the interview process! Why not compliment your interviewer if they are wearing something you like or, if the situation presents itself, make a little joke. Letting go of the nerves and anxiety really lets your personality come through!

Now, go and land that job with an unforgettable interview!


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