Put a Little Spring in Your Space!

Step right into spring by making your space a little brighter! It’s finally spring, and having indoor plants are the perfect way to add some spring to your apartment or dorm. Here are some plants that are easy to maintain, and pretty too!



These plants are really pretty and their leaves come in all kinds of colors. They’re also great for students in dorms or apartments because they don’t need to be outside. They need a little bit of sun and they’re most comfortable at around room temperature.


Cacti cacti-2

There are so many different kinds of cacti, so you can pick one that shows a bit of your personality! They also come in so many different colors. They’re easy to take care of, needing a bit a window sun and some water every other day or so. You and your little could each pick a cactus that has your sorority colors! And then you can watch them grow just like your love for each other =)

Lucky Bamboo il_fullxfull.267576118

These plants are just green, but they’re classic and timeless. They’re also a great gift because they’re not too expensive, and they’re said to bring fortune and good luck to the bamboo owner. You can also grow them in almost anything as long as it has a lot of water. So you could whip out your puffy paint, make a design on a vase, fill it with pebbles and some water and stick your lucky bamboo right inside. You can also buy water beads, and they come in all kinds of colors.

Aloe Plant Aloe-vera

Aloe plants are super useful and very easy to maintain. Just give it a big pot and some room to grow, and you’ll have your very own lotion and sunburn cream.  All you have to do is cut one of the aloe leaves off and use the aloe for tons of home remedies, and the aloe will just grow back. This is great to have in the summer because it’s the best for sunburns. I have an aloe plant, and I use it every time I burn in the summer.

Don’t forget to decorate your pots! Make them a part of your home by putting your letters on them, or have big and little pots! It’s a great way to give your home a little bit of spring, and show a little bit of you at the same time. Check out our Press Collection designs for shirts that are perfect for spring and for showing off your sorority pride!

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