Reasons Why Philanthropies are Awesome

Your sorority or fraternity makes a difference ever day by taking part in philanthropy events. Here are some reasons why philanthropies are so important, as if we could ever forget.

1)      Lending a Hand: No matter the philanthropy, it’s about giving help and raising money for those who need it. Sororities raise millions of dollars every year for tons of philanthropies like St. Jude’s Children Hospitals, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, Domestic Violence Awareness, the list goes on and on. The help every sorority and fraternity gives every semester makes a huge difference for thousands of people in need. walk-a-mile-cover-photo

2)      Share the Love: Sororities and Fraternities are all about sister and brother love. You create a bond with your sisters or brothers that will never be broken. Philanthropies are the perfect way to share your love with people! There are plenty of sororities/fraternities that make birthday cards or holiday cards for hospital patients, and some put together feasts for Thanksgiving. Alpha Chi Omega wear philanthropy shirts that say “love shouldn’t hurt” as a way to remind those about the realities of domestic violence and show victim’s they aren’t alone. These small gestures are great ways to show others that you care, and that they matter.  tumblr_mwqlmiAfSa1s4n5gqo1_500

3)      Bonding!: Of course every philanthropy is first and foremost about helping others, but by helping others you create a bond with your sisters or brothers, and it helps make you all closer as a group. tumblr_mv4n12jXb11r7be3zo1_500

When your sorority or fraternity starts planning the next philanthropy event, don’t forget about looking great, and looking uniform while helping others! Check out our Philanthropy t-shirts or to create your own design and give back in style! Happy Helping!

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