Representing Your Sorority Over Summer

When the school year ends, it’s easy to forget all the things your sorority represents and means to you. That’s why it’s important to continue to represent your sorority in the best way possible, even when you may be miles from your college town. You rushed the sorority that you did because you loved everything they stood for, so be proud and always wear your letters!

Social Media Awareness – One thing that our risk management officer is in charge of is making sure every sisters’ social media is clean and PG appropriate. So don’t let your sister down by posting pictures of your crazy away weekend. I’m not saying don’t have fun but try to only post things that you would be okay with your parents seeing :) Not only is this representing your sorority in a positive way, but it’s also an important lesson to be learned for your future career. It may cost you your job if your employer sees something he/she doesn’t like.

Help a Sister Out – A good motto to remember is “your sister, your responsibility”. This just means to always be there for your sisters when they’re in need. It also can mean to make sure another sister isn’t doing something that is a bad look for your sorority. We all make mistakes but that’s why it’s a learning experience!

Volunteering – I know philanthropy is important to every sister, regardless of what your specific philanthropy is. That’s why you should continue to attend charity events and give back to your community! Get some sorority sisters together and volunteer at your local homeless shelter. The possibilities are endless so get out there and get involved. Your love for your philanthropy doesn’t have to end when the semester does!

Throw What You Know – You should be proud of your sorority and excited to show it off wherever you go! So remember to throw what you know and where your letters on all your vacations. It’s always cool to see your hand sign being thrown up all over the world!

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