Road Trip!

There’s nothing better than a good road trip with some of your friends! Pick a place and good playlist and get on your way. Here are a few ideas and tips to start planning:

Destination – Even though the car ride is sometimes the best part, you need somewhere to go! Pick a place that’s relatively close (2-6 hours away). Otherwise everyone will start to get a bit antsy! It could be the beach, a lake, an amusement park, anywhere! It could be a day trip or you could stay a few nights. If you plan on being there a while, make sure you figure out where you’re going to stay in advance.


Apps – There are a few essential apps that you should have downloaded before you get in the car.

1. GPS- so you know where you’re going!
2. Point of interest app – These will point out some cool attractions along the way that you may not have known about like parks and historical sites. Try out the “Field Trip” or the “Roadtrippers” apps.
3. Logistics app – This is for gas stations, places to sleep, places to eat, ect. Check out “Roadninja” and “Gasbuddy”.

Snacks – Even though you’ll probably be stopping for food, it’s nice to have some healthy snacks to munch on. It’ll hold everyone over until you agree on a place to eat! Pack a cooler with fruits, granola bars, and water.

Music! – This may be the most important part of the road trip. You want to make a good and long playlist that will keep everyone’s spirits up the whole ride. Pick some upbeat, catchy songs that all your friends can jam out to! And if you’re making a playlist through iTunes, it adds up all the songs time so you know exactly how long the playlist will last :)

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