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Summer’s all about relaxing by the pool and catching up on that book you never had time to read during the year. After all, it was a long, hard year and you deserve the break! But it’s also important to land a part-time job so you can make a little extra money for the upcoming year. Don’t just spend it all on summer clothes and beach trips (okay, fine- maybe just a little)! But also keep in mind all the expenses that you’ll have this fall. Whether it’s ordering new Greek Streak spirit jerseys, or making crafts for your little! So here are a few tips and tricks to save that summer money:

  • Set a goal – Know exactly how much you’ll need next year and set a realistic goal for yourself to reach. Between textbooks, groceries, crafts, and sorority t-shirts, there’s a lot to take into account so plan early and get organized!
  • Put aside a little bit each week – You don’t need to put it all away at once, but if you put even half of what you make each week into savings, you’ll be really happy with yourself once fall rolls around!
  • Save with your sisters – Instead of going out to dinner, stay in with your sorority sisters and make a meal. You could find recipes online, pitch in for the ingredients, and make a yummy dinner! This way you’re not only saving money, but also making memories with you’re friends! Added bonus: Just wear a t-shirt and leggings. Keeping it casual with your sisters
  • Movie night – Get the fam together for a movie night. Instead of spending $15 on a movie ticket, you can rent a movie from Redbox for a quarter of the price and have the leisure of being in your own apartment.
  • Volunteer! – Sisters are always looking for help with puppy sitting or weekend babysitting. Take them up on the offer! You’ll be helping out a sister in need while also making a little extra cash. Participating in philanthropic activities doesn’t have to end with the semesters over!
  • Clean out that closet – I know you have t-shirts and clothing hiding in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in years. Take everything out and make two piles; give away and keep. Once you’ve done that, you can either sell them on eBay or take it to a store closet that will buy them from you!
  • Have fun! – Although it’s important to work hard and save up, this is your time to take a break from school and relax. So remember to make memories with friends and smile!


Summer’s a perfect time to start planning for upcoming bid day and recruitment shirts for your sorority. Get a head start and fill out a Quick Quote form. Find design ideas in our design gallery or send us inspiration from the internet.

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