Senior Send Off Ideas for Fraternities

How will you say goodbye to your graduating members?

The end of the Spring semester is winding down and the Seniors are starting to get antsy with graduation only a month away. With that, the graduating members of your Fraternity or Sorority will be thinking about how much they will miss being within their organization. For their Senior Send-off there are so many ways to say that you appreciate and will miss those graduating, from gifts, to a candle pass or even just hand written letters to your sisters or brothers.

A tradition to participate in is making a secret senior gift fund for all those graduating. Within this fund you can get a senior a reasonably priced gift (the same for each brother or sister). Pass the gifts out during a meeting and watch everyone “ooooh and ahhh” over what they are receiving. You could also get all of the seniors special fraternity shirts to commemorate their time. Then talk about what your favorite moment was with each senior and how you will miss them.

A candle pass is an unforgettable tradition for seniors. Each senior should have a candle that can be passed around to every member of your organization, then with every pass of the candle, a member will tell a story or memory about the senior whose candle they are holding. Once every senior has been spoken about, your organization can sing its traditional songs, and each senior can say what their future plans are.

Handwritten letters are far and few between now that everything is instant. Writing a letter for your seniors can make them feel so special and allow them to know that they will truly be missed. Whether the note is a “good luck and hope to see you soon” or a story about how you will never part, writing a letter is an amazing way to show your seniors you care.

Senior send-off is important to make special for those graduating. Graduation means they’re starting a new chapter in their life but it doesn’t mean you won’t see the seniors ever again. Keep in contact with your sisters or brothers and make sure you have tons of tissues!

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