Senior Year!

I am about to head into my senior year of college and last year of being in my sorority this coming fall. I wanted to pass on some advice to current sophomore’s and junior’s who are about to start school as well! I have learned many things the past three years at school and my sorority has taught me a lot. I honestly wish I could turn back time and start over my freshman year because I have had the most amazing three years at school!

One thing that I have learned in college is that this time is going to be the most freedom you have in your life! You are on your own schedule, excluding classes, and your only responsibility is to yourself. So take the time to go on road trips with friends, splurge a little extra on yourself, and take in every moment possible! I can still remember my first away football game like it was yesterday and it’s memories like those that you will cherish!

Christinas-UT-sorority-Quilt-2 Another thing that some people forget is that you joined your sorority for a reason. Realize that the new sisters you have gained are actually family. You all may fight sometimes over petty things but just know that they have given you a home away from home and you can only hope to do the same for the new girls that are going to join!

Lastly, buy every single t-shirt your sorority has to offer! And I am honestly not just saying that because I am working for a greek t-shirt company! These t-shirts capture memories for you: whether it’s a date party, philanthropy event, or mixer with a fraternity. They are the BEST way to remember your college years. After you graduate and you decide you don’t have the room to keep all the t-shirts you have collected, make a t-shirt quilt! Take all the designs and make an amazing quilt that will embody your college years! Make sure that all of your shirts are custom and something that you will be proud to show off!

Take a look at our Letter Love pinterest board to brain storm some new idea’s on how to incorporate your letters into your every day life!

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