Fun Sisterhood Activities

The best thing about being in a sorority is the sisterhood. Having a huge group of sisters who are your home away from home makes the college experience even more rewarding. Even if your chapter is struggling with their communication, sisterhood events are a great way for your chapter to bond.

Sisterhood retreat is the biggest way for your sorority to connect. There are a bunch of activities that are fun for your chapter!


>Positive Posters-Create posters for members and have others write positive comments.


>String Activity- Have sisters sit in a circle and have sisters throw the string to other sisters who inspire them.


>Throw Paint Shirts- Duct tape a plain white tee with your letters and have sisters throw paint at each other.

Besides retreat there are ¬†sisterhood events that your chapter could enjoy doing together. (To add a little more fun to sisterhood events create a theme for sisters to dress up to like an 80’s theme for roller skating.)




>Trampoline Place


>Roller Skating

Sisterhood is an important part of your sorority. These activities would be a great time for sister to laugh and enjoy themselves together.

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