Sorority Christmas Presents

Did you realize that Christmas is only 8 weeks away? Now is the perfect time to start shopping for you family and of course- your sisters! We know it can be hard sometimes to think of what to get someone, luckily we’ve got you covered.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? True, but so is glitter! Take an ordinary cardboard letter and transform it using glitter to instantly make it look way more expensive than it actually is. Add glitter to a painted canvas to make it stand out! Or you could always take a plain coffee tumbler or water bottle and add glitter to the inner lining. voila! You now have a cute and original Christmas gift.

What do you get one of your sisters that you don’t know too well? Make a little basket or mason jar filled with a few things. You could put a manicure in a jar or just fill it with a bunch of cute little stocking stuffers.

What do you get your little? Your little is the person that you probably have the closest relationship with in your chapter. Make their gift a little extra special. Why not have a jar filled with little notes of why you love your little? You could also paint a picture frame and add your favorite picture of the two of you together!

What about YOU? Treat yourself to something nice. Look at our website for the latest Greek shirts! There are some absolutely adorable pillows and koozies with Greek letters on etsy that are one-of-a-kind just like you!

…Still lost? We’ve pinned a lot of options for you to consider, so take a look and start shopping!

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